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Technology guidance and leadership to move your idea forward from concept through successful delivery.


Solution Strategy

We’ll work together to clarify and enhance your concept, ensuring you take full advantage of the latest technologies and processes, and establish a comprehensive vision for your solution.


Solution Design

With a fully envisioned solution, we’ll work together to establish a detailed solution design, including formal requirements, visual mockups (also known as “wireframes”) and process flow diagrams.


Team Building

If you don’t have a technology team, we’ll work together to determine the best approach for your technology staffing needs and then I’ll work to assemble the right team to move you forward.


Project Leadership

With a fully envisioned solution, an established design, and the right team in place, I’ll oversee the project on behalf of your organization, working completely independently from the delivery team.

Initial Assessment

It starts with an easy, no-cost assessment that generally takes 30 minutes. It’s simply a conversation about what you’re looking to accomplish and then a discussion of the feasibility, scope, and high-level estimates on what it will take to accomplish. Based on that initial assessment, we’ll agree on what the next steps are.


Rich is the REAL deal, a genuine C-type mind and personality.  I’ve been around the block with “experts” who have their heads buried so deep in code that they routinely miss the big picture of the project.  Rich demands to understand the greater strategic sum of parts before expertly documenting a plan, setting him apart from the crowd as a talent you don’t just need, but actually WANT by your side…from board room to barstool brainstorm and back.

Adam Kleshinski

Founder, Framester

ADVIA Partners hired Fairwind Technologies to provide technology advisement and design services as we built out the concept of our connected commerce / smart technology product.  Rich quickly understood the vision of what were trying to build and provided extensive guidance to the executive team on various technology issues, as well as providing suggestions to expand the overall concept.  We then engaged him to design base solution architecture and to connect with, and provide independent feedback on, potential vendors / partners.  The work he did was invaluable and we look forward to continuing to work with him as we build out our solution.

John DeCaprio

Partner-CEO, ADVIA Partners

I run an investment education site and my members have been asking me for a companion mobile app for quite a while.  After discussing this with Rich, he immediately understood my needs and designed a solution that was exactly what I was looking for and more.  I am extremely impressed with his ability to quickly understand the problem and design a solution, as well as the quality of the work.

J. David Stein

Founder, Money For the Rest of Us

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